Students are encouraged to study a wide range of subjects giving them a wide range of career choices.
In Form Two students are given expert career guidance so as to equip them with sufficient knowledge to inform their choice of Career Paths.
With the guidance of the teachers, parents and Career Counselors we have succeeded in guiding students into self – fulfilling careers where they have attained success personally and professionally.
Our Form three and Four students have shown drastic value addition compared to individual entry marks. This has been possible through individualized approach to learning. Teachers are able to attend to each student, assess their abilities and set practically attainable targets for upcoming examinations.
Teachers guide each student to attain targets by helping them develop passion for learning, encouraging a questioning / inquisitive mind, mastering and application of content. This is supported by the availability of quality, modern teaching – learning resources.
With the ultra-modern learning facilities and closer monitoring, most of our students have been able to attain their aspirational target grades and set higher grades in subsequent examinations. Through this, value addition has been attained progressively.
In KCSE 2016 9 girls qualified to join the public universities for degree courses .
We encourage healthy competition within KISC Girls fraternity so as to encourage our girls to become the best they can in all fields.
Collaborative groups help build confidence and improve mastery of content among the students. This is encouraged through setting up discussion groups of mixed abilities whose activities are closely monitored and guided by teachers.
We have proper evaluation and monitoring systems in different departments to ensure that our students get the best.
There are three examinations with proper examination policies. These include an opener exam at the beginning of each term, a mid- term exam and an end of term exam.

KISC Girls High offers scholarships to needy bright students who attain a minimum of four hundred (400) marks and above in KCPE
New admissions ongoing. Few places remaining in form one , form two and three

KISC Girls offers a wide range of sports i.e. Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Netball, soccer, and Swimming.
Sports is an integral part of life at KISC Girls. It allows students to experience a range of physical activities and
it enhances competition in team and individual sports and helps the students to develop personal and social skills.