Junior Section

Early years section

Early years section

A. Early years and Key Stage 1 (Lower Primary)

Lower Primary students follow the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum in years one and two. These are English, Mathematics, Science and Art and design.

Play group, Nursery and Reception students follow a programme designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to join the Edexcel International Curriculum and any other international curriculum. We endeavor to give our students a uniquely East Africa and International perspective

Summary table considering ages;

Age (Average) Grade at KISC–KS1
2-3 years old Play group
3–4 years old Early childhood
4-5 years old Reception
5-6 years old Year 1
6-7 years old Year 2


B. Key Stage 2 – International Primary Curriculum
This level caters for the Edexcel international primary curriculum that has been designed for pupils in years 3-6 (ages 8-11) in international schools. Based on the UK National Curriculum Key Stages 2, it gives pupils a well-rounded education while giving teachers an easy-to-implement framework and an easy way to monitor pupil progress.

The Edexcel International Primary Curriculum thus brings together a frame work for the three key subjects – English, Mathematics and Science – to give pupils a head start in learning well before they start secondary school. Other subjects offered in line with the above three at KISC include;

The mentioned subjects are not examinable at year 6 as part of the achievement test.