The school offers Edexcel International curriculum. The Edexcel International Primary Programme and achievement tests programme are followed from Year 1 to Year 6, then Edexcel lower secondary year 7 to year 9 after which students prepare for Edexcel International GCSE (year 10 and 11) and Edexcel GCE A Level examinations. We aim to prepare students to become dynamic members of the global society by providing students with excellence in education through;
Offering an international curriculum
Globalised teaching practices
Mutual respect and understanding of differences between communities

The KISC program is designed to develop:-

1. Clear set of skills and attitudes of global citizenship

2. Stimulate critical thinking

3. Impart advanced technology skills and lifelong learning skills.

4. Innovation

5. Team work and the role of competition

6. Character development and behavioral standards

7. High achievements in academics.