GCE & IGCE Subjects


1. Art and Design Art & Design; Design & Technology – Food Technology/Product Design

2. Business Accounting; Business Studies; Economics; Economics & Business

3. Music & Drama Drama & Theatre Studies; Music; Music Technology

4. Science Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Psychology

5. Maths Mathematics

6. Humanities General Studies; Geography; Government & Politics; History; Religious Studies

7. Other Physical Education

8. Languages English Language; English Language and Literature; English Literature; French


Main subjects analysis KS2

1. English

Students draw on both knowledge and skills across multiple stages and functions (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in order to communicate. The curriculum promotes an enquiry-based approach to learning to develop thinking skills and encourage intellectual engagement.

We should also think about how we can empower our students to give them ownership over any given activities so that they are clear of what is expected. This is concerns all areas of our curriculum.

2. Mathematics

Students will develop their numeracy skills by placing mathematics in context via application and problem solving. Students should be encouraged to explain their strategies and invent ways of recording their actions so they build up a network of associated skills and knowledge that can be used for investigating functions and relationships. Teachers are advised to discuss the merits of various strategies to encourage students’ understanding of the most practical and efficient strategy for each problem.

There is a strong emphasis on developing mathematical understanding and solving problems in and out of context rather than applying learned routines and algorithms. As we try to give our students a more active role in their education, it is important to help them realize that they have the power to choose.

3. Science

An investigative approach by the students is encouraged, we should not focus on ‘a student should know’ but more ‘a student should explore how to’ or ‘investigate how’.

In the Primary Science curriculum, there is a greater emphasis on learning the ideas and concepts in science, at this level, through exploration and investigation. We can look at the way in which we are explaining to and guiding our students through their education and consider how we can make their conclusions more based on their findings and insights.

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